Our tailor made educational programs help children become social, responsible, creative, happy, productive adults in life. They are able to reason, think and learn as they become dynamic intelligent individuals not because they take advanced courses, but because they master the basics.

We call our teachers Instructors.They do not “teach” in the traditional sense, they guide the student to learn and master their individualized program, allowing students to be in charge of their education. Our Instructors are always there to validate, encourage, and enlighten students throughout their educational journey.

Early Childhood (~5 years old)

Children at this level will start to learn coordination, numbers, phonics, practical and social skills, and active and imaginative play. There are many games, learning with shapes, and use of imagination. These children are lightly introduced to learning as they desire to do so through activities of their choosing. All children must be fully potty trained before starting on a program. 

Grades K-4

As a student becomes able to study independently, he or she is given an assessment to determine his or her areas of interest, strengths, and weaknesses. The student is then given a personalized program which will keep the student academically engaged. Students joining us in these levels will be given an interview and an assessment to determine what they want to learn about and what level they are at. Students will advance towards a more systematic phonics program to create solid, confident reading and spelling skills. Arithmetic basics, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, are taught in a way that enables students to use math as a practical tool in everyday life as well as think conceptually with math so that they master higher‐level work with ease. Students always learn at their own pace and are never considered “behind” and will move on when they are competent in the areas of study. All students learn at a different pace. All of our educational programs are state compliant and fully accredited and embrace the spirit of play and are not “serious” subjects to be taken up but are taken up because they have a use for the subject.

Grades 5-12

Students in these grades will receive a custom tailored program just as the other grades. The program consults each student’s areas of interest, strengths, and weaknesses. The program will encompass each student’s graduation requirements and keep each student interested  while remaining state compliant and accredited. The students in these grades will really start to hone in not on what they want to be, but what they want to do. 

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