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Our Purpose

APS Ohio is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing an environment where kids can obtain a useful, pragmatic education tailored to their interests and native abilities while giving them the tools to learn any subject and achieve their educational and personal goals.

Core Values

We believe in individualized instruction and mastery of basic subjects. Not every child learns at the same pace. The ability to fully comprehend and use each subject before moving on is important for student competence.

Each child has a limitless capacity for reason, problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation, and creativity. By emphasizing the child’s own interests and validating strengths, we further develop and bolster each child’s uniqueness and talent.

Our goal is to provide our students with a safe, fun, gradually challenging, academic and social environment where they can learn with curious excitement about everything they are interested in and develop the skills and tools they need to be self-sufficient,able adults who continue to learn throughout their lives.

Study Technology

There is a fundamental aspect to learning that underlies every child’s ability to learn which, if studied successfully, makes the difference between one child’s joy, interest, and ability to apply what he or she learns versus another child’s lack of motivation, unwillingness, and disinterest in school. We use a method of study which teaches students how to learn in the first place. After all, how can a child become a lifelong student if that child has never been taught how to learn? This method is called Study Technology and it was developed by American author and education L. Ron Hubbard.

APS Ohio is part of a global network of schools licensed by Applied Scholastics. At APS Ohio, once students are taught how to identify the barriers to learning and overcome those barriers, issues or scholastic problems vanish. Applied Scholastics, in its use of Study Technology, equates successful learning with proficiency. In other words, if a student learns a subject successfully then he or she should immediately be able to use that subject to accomplish something, without error and with good judgment. These are essential ingredients for success in any field of endeavor and in life.

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