Our goal is to provide children with a useful education that inspires them to learn forever

An Education for the Future

Each child has an innate, limitless capacity for reason, problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation, and creativity. By emphasizing the child’s own interests and validating strengths, we further develop and bolster each child’s uniqueness and talent. This helps the children grow into adults who know how to learn and are eager to do so. 

About Us

APS Ohio is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing an environment where kids can obtain a useful, pragmatic education tailored to their interests and native abilities while giving them the tools to learn any subject and achieve their educational and personal goals.

APS Ohio is part of a global network of schools licensed by Applied Scholastics. Using this technology, students are taught how to identify the barriers to learning and overcome those barriers and issues or scholastic problems vanish. Applied Scholastics, in its use of Study Technology, equates successful learning with proficiency.


Our comprehensive educational programs encompass not only academics, but practical skills, athletics, the arts, nature, technology, and a host of other indoor and outdoor activities which prepare them for conquering their environment. This creates young adults that are social, responsible, creative, happy, productive adults in life. They are able to reason, think and learn as they become dynamic intelligent individuals not because they take advanced courses, but because they master the basics.

Our Instructors are always there to validate, encourage, and enlighten students throughout their educational journey


You can begin our admissions process by calling us at 614-401-1896 or emailing us at apsohio.staff@gmail.com

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